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AI News Weekly - Issue #342: $1 billion gamble to ensure AI doesn’t destroy humanity - Jul 20th 2023

AI Weekly

In the News Top 10 AI Tools Cooler Than ChatGPT For our list of AI tools cooler than ChatGPT, we conducted extensive research and considered various factors such as performance, versatility, innovation, user-friendliness, integration, and industry impact. But how real is human-to-AI Love? Powered by

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How conversational AI can transform IT support

IBM Journey to AI blog

That was, until the introduction of AI chatbots for business emerged on the IT landscape. How Watson Assistant can help IBM Watson Assistant is a holistic SaaS solution for creating AI-enabled conversational experiences. By automating 2,000–3,000 tasks daily, ENN found an increase in employee productivity of 60%.


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Great With Words, Great With Video

Robot Writers AI

Top AI-Imaging Tool Promising Auto-Video Popular AI-automated imaging tool-maker Midjourney is promising to roll-out an enhancement soon that will enable users to auto-create video using simple, conversational text-commands.

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Top AI Tools Enhancing Fraud Detection and Financial Forecasting


Here are top 5 AI powered Financial forecasting and analytics tools: Datarails Datarails enable you to streamline, evaluate, and project revenue and expenses throughout your firm, allowing you to create business projections. Fina also uses AI-based analytics to give users insights and recommendations for improving their financial strategy.

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Otter AI Review: Is It the Most Accurate AI Transcriber?


Recruiting Teams: Otter AI transcribes and summarizes interviews for recruiting teams to reduce the time spent evaluating candidates. Media Professionals: Through Otter AI's automated real-time transcription, media professionals can effortlessly tell the stories that matter. Read our Speak AI Review or visit Speak AI.

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Mastering ChatGPT: The Top 5 Free Courses

Robot Writers AI

ChatGPT Plus: Despite Microsoft’s cozy relationship with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI — it’s invested about $13 billion in OpenAI during the past few years — the two companies actually make competing AI chatbots. Bottom line: CoPilot Pro uses the same AI software engine used by ChatGPT.

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OpenAI GPT Store – Now Open for Business!

Analytics Vidhya

This marks the introduction of a novel platform for users to create, share, & explore customized versions of their ChatGPT chatbots. OpenAI, the trailblazing artificial intelligence lab, has finally launched the GPT Store. This innovative move comes after a brief delay attributed to leadership changes within the company.

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