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How to Run Auto-GPT and Automate Your Tasks: A Complete Guide


Introduction to Auto-GPT As mentioned earlier, Auto-GPT is an open-source autonomous AI tool that interacts with software and services online by …

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Automated Opinion Writing As-A-Service

Robot Writers AI

Now a Thing Wired reports that new tech has emerged to auto-generate tweets, articles and Web sites to counter an opposing viewpoint. #ad More to the point: As an American, I don’t have a problem with automation designed to eviscerate anti-U.S. lies promulgated by a gangster-led political machine that masquerades as a government.


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Redirecting Humans with Machines


Today we are seeing a similar scenario, with advancements in automation holding the promise of revolutionizing the workforce in ways that enhance productivity. By 2030, activities that account for up to 30% of hours currently worked across the US economy could be automated with AI. Consequently, this shift resulted in job loss.

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The AI Revolution: How Auto-GPT Unleashes a New Era of Automation and Creativity

Towards AI

This intriguing innovation, known as self-prompting and auto-prompting, enables multiple OpenAI-powered large language models to generate and execute prompts independently, leading to the creation of new prompts based on the initial input. Effective memory management: Auto-GPT has effective long-term and short-term memory management.

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10 Best AI Tools to Create YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos


Comprehensive Output Provision: Delivers fully optimized shorts, complete with accurate captions, engaging titles, and coherent descriptions. The auto-schedule feature streamlines the sharing process, making ClipMaker a holistic solution for content creators, marketers, and brands. optimizes every aspect of content creation.

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Speaker diarization improvements: new languages, increased accuracy


Auto Speaker Focus: Video content can be made more engaging with auto speaker focus , which ensures the camera is focused on talking subjects during camera changes and automatically resizes videos to center active speakers. Try it today Get a free API key to try out our improved Speaker Diarization model Get an API key

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NVIDIA DRIVE Partners Showcase Cutting-Edge Innovations in Automated and Autonomous Driving


Watch the video to learn more from NVIDIA’s auto partners. NVIDIA] enables us to go further to bring automated driving to the next level and into areas that we couldn’t go before,” he says. This is, of course, very much based on AI technology — and it’s really fascinating and a completely new era for the car.”