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How to Become an AI Architect in 2023?

Analytics Vidhya

The AI revolution is here, and it is changing the way we work and live. At the forefront of this revolution stands the AI architect—a visionary orchestrator who blends creativity and technology to shape the future. AI Architecture will be one of the choicest career options in the coming times.

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How to become an AI Architect?

Pickl AI

Companies are actively deploying AI technologies to run their businesses smoothly. At the same time, they are also actively hiring professionals with AI expertise. Hence, AI architect skills are in great demand. The salary of an Artificial Intelligence Architect in India ranges between ₹ 18.0 from 2023 to 2030.


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ChatGPT - Architecture AI


ChatGPT - Architecture AI AI architect for designing beautiful buildings Architecture AI AI architect for designing beautiful buildings By …

ChatGPT 97
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The UK is outpacing the US for AI hiring

AI News

As well as analysing hiring trends, the report also identified the highest paying and most in-demand AI jobs in the US. AI Architects take second place, earning approximately £197,431 per year on average. The top position goes to Director of Data Science, with an average salary of £200,263.

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Don’t Sleep on Your Database Infrastructure When Building Large Language Models or Generative AI


Just as architects choose specific designs and materials to reduce wind impact and boost a building's energy efficiency, AI architects use query optimization and catching to ensure systems perform as needed. The systems must process and analyze data effectively, regardless of outside conditions.

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NVIDIA Launches RTX, Personalized GPT Models

ODSC - Open Data Science

Imagine creating personalized assistants for specific tasks, crafting chatbots for businesses, or simply having a unique AI companion at your fingertips. For those who many not be well versed in AI, this could be an interesting means of learning what it takes to becoming a AI architect. The potential is vast.

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Accelerate Amazon SageMaker inference with C6i Intel-based Amazon EC2 instances

AWS Machine Learning Blog

Solutions Architect in the Strategic Accounts team at AWS. Aniruddha Kappagantu is a Software Development Engineer in the AI Platforms team at AWS. Antony Vance is an AI Architect at Intel with 19 years of experience in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, embedded software, GPU, and FPGA.