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It’s not just Netflix’s $900K AI jobs, it’s the hypocrisy


The discovery of an AI product manager role at Netflix with a pay ceiling of $900,000 sent critics of the company and entertainment industry wild yesterday. That isn’t the only such listing, and likely not even the most lucrative. No one should be surprised that one of the biggest tech companies in …

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6 Remote AI Jobs to Look for in 2024

ODSC - Open Data Science

AI Product Managers AI product managers are responsible for the development and launch of AI products. They use their knowledge of AI, product management, and business strategy to develop products that meet the needs of users and customers.


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OutSystems: How AI-based development reduces backlogs

AI News

The mission remains clear: ‘developer productivity without trade-offs’, as founder and CEO Paulo Rosado puts it. Project Morpheus, in the words of Nuno Carneiro, OutSystems AI product manager, is ‘the next generation of software development.’

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ChatGPT, Author of The Quixote

O'Reilly Media

So, even if OpenAI and their frenemies aren’t breaching copyright law, what type of cultural production are we and aren’t we incentivizing by not zooming out and looking at as many of the externalities here as possible? Remember the context.

ChatGPT 111
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Behind the AI Revolution: Paige Bailey Discusses Google’s PaLM 2 and More

Towards AI

Today, I received none other than Paige Bailey, a trailblazer in AI product management and a visionary who’s been at the helm of transformative projects at Google DeepMind and GitHub, working on the most advanced LLM projects. From Microsoft GitHub to Google DeepMind: Paige Bailey Welcome, (upcoming) listeners!