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Infoworks Automated Big Data Engineering

DataRobot Blog

Recently I engaged in a guided “hands-on” evaluation of Infoworks, a “no code” big data engineering solution that expedites and automates Hadoop and cloud workflows. by Jen Underwood. Within four hours of logging. Read More.

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Introduction to Apache Sqoop

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction Apache Sqoop is a big data engine for transferring data between Hadoop and relational database servers. Big Data Sqoop can also be […].


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8 Must Know Spark Optimization Tips for Data Engineering Beginners

Analytics Vidhya

Overview Apache spark is amongst the favorite tools for any big data engineer Learn Spark Optimization with these 8 tips By no means is. The post 8 Must Know Spark Optimization Tips for Data Engineering Beginners appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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Top 5 highest paying engineering Jobs in India!

Great Learning

Contributed by: Yasharth Singh Tarkar Introduction Top 5 highest paying jobs Computer Science Engineer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer Big Data Engineer Mechanical Engineer Electronics and Communication Engineer Introduction Undoubtedly, engineering is one of the most pursued careers in India, with a variety of disciplines.

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Why optimize your warehouse with a data lakehouse strategy

IBM Journey to AI blog

In a prior blog , we pointed out that warehouses, known for high-performance data processing for business intelligence, can quickly become expensive for new data and evolving workloads. To do so, Presto and Spark need to readily work with existing and modern data warehouse infrastructures.

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Building Transformer- Fundamentals of Accelerated Data Science (Session 1)

NVIDIA Developer

Saturday, June 12, 2021 - 09:00 Indian/Maldives Speakers Saurav Agarwal Senior Architect at NVIDIA NVIDIA Saurav is concentrated on implementing Big Data Engineering, Analytics, IoT and Machine learning products & solutions on large scale enterprise data systems.

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Nurturing a Strong Data Science Foundation for Beginners

In the data science industry, effective communication and collaboration play a crucial role. As a data scientist, you will frequently collaborate with professionals from various domains, including cloud engineers, big data engineers, product owners, domain experts, and project managers.