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Neural network based formation of cognitive maps of semantic spaces and the putative emergence of abstract concepts


How do we make sense of the input from our sensory organs, and put the perceived information into context of our past experiences?

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Fuzzy Cognetive Maps to improve the Genetic Algorithm for community detection

Explanation of the Paper Fuzzy Cognitive Map-Based Genetic Algorithm for Community Detection. Fuzzy cognetive maps are applied in this paper to reduce convergence time. Introduction Detecting communities is an active area of research. Detecting communities in networks can be done using the genetic Algorithm(GA).

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Visual language maps for robot navigation

Google Research AI blog

Posted by Oier Mees, PhD Student, University of Freiburg, and Andy Zeng, Research Scientist, Robotics at Google People are excellent navigators of the physical world, due in part to their remarkable ability to build cognitive maps that form the basis of spatial memory — from localizing landmarks at varying ontological levels (like a book on a shelf (..)

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