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Dynatrace: Organisations embrace AI, yet face challenges

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Research from Dynatrace sheds light on the challenges and risks associated with AI implementation. The report underscores the need for a composite AI approach. This involves combining various AI types – such as generative, predictive, and causal – along with diverse data sources like observability, security, and business events.

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Enhancing AI Transparency and Trust with Composite AI


However, this surge in AI usage has raised concerns about transparency and accountability. Several times black-box AI models have produced unintended consequences, including biased decisions and lack of interpretability. Composite AI is a cutting-edge approach to holistically tackling complex business problems.


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Augmented Analytics?—?Where Do You Fit in at the Intersection of Analytics and Business…

ODSC - Open Data Science

You decide to work on improving your analytical models with model autotuning and like working within a low-code environment for model development and building composite AI solutions. Insights consumer  — You like to approach reports through different customization levels and see yourself at the report designer of the group.

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AI and Creativity: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Technology

Artificial Corner

These AI-generated compositions have been used in advertisements, video games, and even live performances. Google has also come up with an experimental product that can enable you create personalized music In addition to composition, AI is also being used to enhance the performance aspect of music.