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Can AI Have Emotions?

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Since then, AI has developed into a fascinating journey with significant advancements in various fields. Emotion AI, also known as affective computing, seeks to improve natural […] The post Can AI Have Emotions? However, the question of whether machines can truly possess intelligence remains controversial.

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Decoding Emotions: AI Model Predicts People's Feelings - Neuroscience News


Researchers developed a computational model capable of predicting human emotions, encapsulating social intelligence attributes typically associated with the human 'theory of mind'


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AI News Weekly - Issue #391: 3 things CEOs must prepare to unlock the power of generative AI - Jun 27th 2024

AI Weekly In The News World's biggest music labels sue over AI copyright The world's biggest record labels are suing two artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups over alleged copyright violation in a potentially landmark case. Bill Gates Says AI’s Green Benefits Will Outweigh Its Emissions The Microsoft Corp.

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SK Telecom outlines its plans with AI partners

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Furthermore, SKT aims to collaborate with Scatter Lab, a renowned AI startup known for its Lee Lu-da chatbot. The company plans to integrate an emotional AI agent into its AI service, ‘A.’ The demand for RaaS is expected to grow rapidly in sectors such as logistics, delivery, construction, and healthcare.

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Empathetic AI: Transforming Mental Healthcare and Beyond with Emotional Intelligence


The latest stride towards truly empathetic AI involves systems that not only detect emotions but understand their context and complexities, improving their empathetic responses over time.

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AI Emotion Recognition Using Computer Vision


Applications of an emotion recognition system Emotion AI has applications in a variety of fields. Customer behavior analysis : Learn from the customer’s emotions and expressions while looking at products/services. Curious to see how Comet works? Check out our PetCam scenario to see MLOps in action.

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Josh Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito – Interview Series


The Emotion AI technology that is used at Cogito was first validated by assisting healthcare providers to detect early signs of PTSD and other mental health disorders in soldiers returning from combat. Earlier this year, we released our Employee Experience (EX) Score to track agents’ experiences.