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Visual AI Takes Flight at Canada’s Largest, Busiest Airport


A member of the NVIDIA Metropolis vision AI partner ecosystem, Zensors helped the Toronto Pearson operations team significantly reduce wait times in customs lines, decreasing the average time it took passengers to go through the arrivals process from an estimated 30 minutes during peak periods in 2022 to just under six minutes last summer.

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Mora: A New Multi-Agent Framework that Incorporates Several Advanced Visual AI Agents to Replicate Generalist Video Generation Demonstrated by Sora


Unlike these models, Mora leverages collaboration among advanced visual AI agents to achieve generalist video generation. Models like Pika and Gen-2 demonstrated notable performance, but they have limitations when it comes to producing longer videos and lack the abilities shown by Sora in the current landscape of video generation.

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Applying Visual AI to Legacy Security Systems

DataRobot Blog

Artificial intelligence (AI) can accelerate inspections by automating some reviews and prioritizing others, and unlike humans at the end of a long shift, an AI’s performance does not degrade over time. The training dataset used to train the AI model contains approximately 5,000 X-ray security images. AI CLOUD FOR PUBLIC SECTOR.

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NVIDIA presents latest advancements in visual AI

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On the visual language front, NVIDIA collaborated with MIT to develop VILA , a new family of vision language models that achieve state-of-the-art performance in understanding images, videos, and text. With enhanced reasoning capabilities, VILA can even comprehend internet memes by combining visual and linguistic understanding.

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Meta unveils five AI models for multi-modal processing, music generation, and more

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By publicly sharing these groundbreaking models, Meta says it hopes to foster collaboration and drive innovation within the AI community. Photo by Dima Solomin ) See also: NVIDIA presents latest advancements in visual AI Want to learn more about AI and big data from industry leaders?

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Snap introduces advanced AI for next-level augmented reality

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Through its generative AI capabilities, Snap will provide advanced AR experiences to distinguish Snapchat from its peers and attract new users, even though it might struggle to gain users relative to its scale compared with giants like Meta. Check out AI & Big Data Expo taking place in Amsterdam, California, and London.

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New AI tool lets you reshape images by clicking and dragging


In a year dominated by chatbots, advances in visual AI tools continue racing forward. A new AI research model called DragGAN (spotted by The Verge) made waves on social media over the weekend, and for good reason. This stuff keeps getting freakier. The idea is that you can reshape images to your …

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